There is a princess inside all of us. Engraving and wallpaper from Rawpixel. Background photo by Diego Rosa on Unsplash. - Joe Gast
Rawpixel is one of my go-to sources for free imagery. I sourced a drawing of a brain and after pulling it into Adobe Photoshop, added a bit more razzle dazzle. Last image shows the original artwork. - Joe Gast
For a returning to the nest editorial I turned to Adobe Photoshop and added colorized bird heads to a 1940s era family portrait - Joe Gast
Working in Adobe After Effects, I applied inner shadow layer styles with a dissolve blend to create the grainy gradations on the hair layers. - Joe Gast
Blinked: The correct definition of the past tense of 'blink', NOT blunk. - Joe Gast
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