Transformed a scene from a client video I created last year into a looping, nine second gif. I explored adding a wiggle and random splotches to give it an old timey feel, but opted for this cleaner, less distracting version. - Joe Gast
"Person, woman, man, camera, TV" was the phrase Donald Trump made famous during a Fox News interview. Five words, one word per second. Makes for a tidy, five second loop. Typeface is Clarendon URW Regular. 
Register to vote, - Joe Gast
Though I live in Washington State, I grew up in Ohio. I always loved the state flag. The only non-rectangular U.S. state flag, I thought the flag's three red strips matched up nicely with the three red stripes in Joe Biden's campaign logo. My Texas flag was an afterthought, working with the same Ae comp. - Joe Gast
Earlier in the election cycle I built several Mayor Pete gifs. Here I repurposed faces I drew for another project and created my first Biden gif. A nine second loop, faces were drawn in Adobe Illustrator. 
Register to vote, - Joe Gast
Rawpixel is one of my go-to sources for free imagery. I sourced a drawing of a brain and after pulling it into Adobe Photoshop, added a bit more razzle dazzle. Last image shows the original artwork. - Joe Gast
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