Drawing Turkey

Posted on Nov 21, 2016

For me, drawing a turkey is a far more pleasant task than cooking one. This turkey of an assignment was for U.S. News & World Report. I drew the illustration in Adobe Illustrator. Luckily Illustrator files don’t get dusty, as I’m sure this image is at least ten years old. – Joe Gast

Pantsuit Shimmy

Posted on Nov 2, 2016

While watching the first presidential debate I thought it would be fun to make a gif out of Hillary Clinton’s mid-debate shimmy. I didn’t get around to it until today. After the FBI’s recent disclosure of new emails, I decided to add a boxer’s punching motion to Hill’s shimmy, as when she is at her […]

Skeleton Crew on Target

Posted on Oct 20, 2016

I recently created a couple of six second Halloween gifs. Focusing on playful skeletons with plenty of lightning, the color palette is far more limited than last year’s spooky gifs. I drew the assets in Adobe Illustrator, importing the Ai files into Adobe After Effects as compositions. The Fall leaves and bats were from last year’s Halloween assignment. Rendering […]