Gone Huntin’

Posted on Jan 13, 2020

A little plaid, a little paisley, a butterfly and a guitar. This image definitely has a playful ’70s pop sensibility. Built in Adobe Illustrator, I imported into Adobe After Effects and quickly added a dab of movement. And no, I haven’t gone huntin’, but I am out of the office through January 22nd. If you’re […]

In the year 2040

Posted on Jan 3, 2020

Last month, back in a different decade, I drew and animated two training videos for Kindercare Education. The videos time travel between the early 20th century and the near future, the year 2040. As I worked through the two storyboards, I developed both the old fashioned and futuristic looks for the videos. Once approved by […]

Animating Pete

Posted on Nov 16, 2019

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s campaign received lots of attention from the design community when the campaign’s website offered a design tool kit so supporters could customize campaign logos and images for use on social media, rally signs, etc. The tool kit includes official colors, logos and pics of Mayor Pete. Warning, the tool kit does […]