Behind the Eight Ball

Posted on Mar 6, 2019

Jazz great Blossom Dearie sang a song called Figure Eight. The last line, Place it on its side and it’s a symbol meaning infinity, always delighted me. Here I started with the infinity symbol and animated it into a figure eight. Of course, this is a looping gif, there is no beginning or end, much like infinity.

Built in Adobe After Effects, instead of importing from Adobe Illustrator, I built assets in Ae’s shape layers. (I hate that the pen tool doesn’t behave the same as it does in Ai.) When I got to the bones in the graveyard, frustrated, I cheated. I quickly drew them in Illustrator and copy and pasted them into an After Effects shape layer.

A dash of turbulent displacement gives it a retro, pen on paper quality. Stills below. Thanks for watching. – Joe Gast

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  1. Tim McManus
    March 6, 2019

    This is great Joe.
    Thanks for sharing.


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