My First Gifs

Posted on Jan 29, 2015

Safeway App: Red Wagon

True confession, I never made an animated gif before this Safeway series. The gifs were easy enough to build. I created the assets in Adobe Illustrator and imported the layered Ai files into After Effects as compositions. Each gif had to be one second or thirty frames long.  And frame one and frame 30 had to be identical, as the gifs needed to loop seamlessly. Looping the snowfall was by far the most problematic.

After animation, I rendered the comps as QuickTime movies, imported the movies into Adobe Photoshop and Saved for Web as gifs. (If you attempt this, make sure you check forever on the Looping Options drop down.)

I’ve only posted one gif here, please go to the Animated Gif page to see the series. – Joe Gast

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