Texturing the Front Porch

Posted on Oct 1, 2010

“Photoshop? What does Photoshop have to do with MAX?”, I wondered as Trevor Johnson, SCC’s Game Design instructor, told the class that we would be spending about half of our time working in Adobe Photoshop.

Texturing is what Photoshop has to do with MAX. Texturing is the process of adding skin and color to an object. I photographed my front door, shingles near the door, and some decking. I turned my photos into targas (targas are like jpegs) in Photoshop and then wrapped them repeatedly around the model of my front porch. (Upon close inspection of the deck you will notice the same two knot holes repeated over and over again.)

I also used the hair modifier to create the rather artificial-looking boxwood shrubs. – Joe Gast

Click on image for a larger version.

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