My Personal Gulag

Posted on Oct 2, 2010

Once I became comfortable with texturing, I let my imagination fly, and it flew right into a flying saucer. In this case, my MAX model was a Soviet-era saucer, and the spaceship was part of a larger game world I called GULAG.

GULAG offers an alternate history of Earth, where the Soviet Union wins the space race and conquers the moon, turning it into a lunar penal colony. Rebellious inmates attempt to escape and that’s where play begins.

Graphics and backgrounds in both images above were created in Adobe Photoshop. In the top image I also used Photoshop to desaturate and roughen a NASA jpeg of Earth.

I constructed the GULAG logo in Adobe Illustrator. The New Brilliant typeface was found at 1001 Free Fonts. The type was turned into outlines and manipulated, connecting the L with the A. The hammer and sickle were built using Illustrator’s pen tool. The Illustrator image was then pasted into a Photoshop file where bevel and drop shadow filters completed the mark. – Joe Gast

Click on image for a larger version.

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